In ancient rome it was…

In ancient rome it was perfectly acceptable to kill a cheating wife AND the offspring she had with her lover

In ancient greece you were allowed to kill your wife if you caught her in the act, and sell her into slavery. And she was permanently excommunicated from public religion. And the man who had sex with a married woman was sodomized. Adultery was a worse crime than rape in Greek law.

In ancient egypt cheating wives were whipped, mutilated, or killed depending on their social status

The Bible and Talmud are clear about how ancient Canaanites/Jews felt about it. Both the cheating woman and her lover were killed in ancient times. However the woman could be killed by stoning, burning, or strangulation. Flogging her until she was dead or crippled was another option.

In Babylon cheating wives were drowned.

Among the Germanic tribes a cheating wife was publicly whipped by her husband, shaved bald, and made into a completely shunned social outcast. Among the Norse it was expected for the husband to kill his unfaithful wife.

In medieval Vienna adulterous women were impaled to death.

Cutting off the noses of cheating wives was practiced by ancient Romans, Indians, Egyptians, Arabs, and Byzantines.

Pagan Turks ripped adulterers in half

Most Native American tribes mutilated cheating wives by cutting off noses, ears, and lips. Sometimes they could have their heads shaved bald and faces burned too. Sometimes the husband would BITE the nose off his wife.

Aztecs stoned and impaled adulteresses.

In Hindu society a woman could lose her caste and come an untouchable for adultery. Depending on the era or caste it was either quietly discouraged or punished with death.

In Imperial China a cheating wife and her lover were often locked into pig cages and drowned by the family of the husband. She could also have her eyes ripped out and the blood was collected for remembrance. They would sometimes be tied to stakes, carried, and publicly spanked.

Also in China hanging, decapitation, mutilation, flogging, and evisceration were popular punishments for unfaithful women. They could also be fed to ravenous tigers if she was really unlucky. Burying the adulterous pair alive or burning them alive were practiced too. A pregnant adulteress could have her lover’s child ripped out of her sliced open belly. Men who dishonored the wives of other men were cut in half, shot full of arrows, dragged by carts until ripped apart, have spikes or nails hammered into their heads, or tossed off of cliffs.

In Tokugawa era Japan a husband was well within his rights to kill his wife and her lover if he caught them. Sometimes the wife would merely be shaved bald, divorced, and made into an outcast. If the wife escaped from her furious husband she would be decapitated anyway by officials.

In Korea cheating wives received 90 lashes publicly. And beheading if they were nobles.

In Siam a husband was encouraged to kill an adulterous wife. Failing that she had to wear bamboo and red flowers while being paraded around and scorned.

In Vietnam an adulterous wife was shaved bald, tied up, and paraded everywhere as citizens did any type of mockery and physical abuse they wanted to her. Or simply tied to a raft and pushed into the river to die.

Among the Yorubas of west africa the typical punishment for an adulterous pair was death or banishment. However the woman would be spared if she was pregnant. Then killed after giving birth.

Adultery was punishable by death among the Ashanti, Yoruba, Baganda, and Zulu peoples. Especially if it was with the wife of a chief.

Among the Ashanti adulterers were punished with the “Dance of Death” where a skilled surgeon would slowly dissect him or her into smaller and smaller pieces over the course of 2-3 days nonstop.

Castrations were another popular punishment for men who slept with the wives of other men. And the counterpart for cheating women was having their vaginas burned.

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