Picturephone Wiedzieliście…


Wiedzieliście że wideo rozmowy były możliwe już 50 lat temu?
Reklamy pojawiły się już w 1964r. Pierwsze budki z „Picturephonami” zlokalizowane były w Waszyngtonie, Nowym Jorku i Chicago. Koszt za 3min połączenia wynosił ~20$ (jakieś 200$ dzisiaj).


tu jakieś targi w 1964r reklamujące picterephone

Dlaczego umarło? Drogo i niepraktycznie, tak w skrócie.

Why did the Picturephone fail? There were multiple reasons. The first is the chicken-and-egg problem that plagues all new networked technologies—a Picturephone is only useful if the person you want to contact has one. A new technology needs some niche group of enthusiasts to sustain it over these early years; and the Picturephone did not find such a group. The second was cost—it proved more expensive than its value even to the targeted business markets. Most new technologies are expensive at first, and but then come down in price. AT&T was confident that costs would come down over time, in this case with the coming employment of digital technologies, but Picturephone did not last that long. Finally, most of those few customers that it had didn’t like the service. It turns out that most users, even in a business setting, simply did not like being routinely seen on the telephone, or at best found it added little value. What some did find more useful was the ability to share documents and other graphics.

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